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Originally Posted by sam.basye View Post
Thanks, Hoaster!

Thatís pretty neat, saf1!

If you donít mind me asking; about how much does a complete light cost to create? Got any pics of them??
I'll have to work on getting some better photos this weekend. Building the canopy at the moment and they are just laying on a 2x4 and extruded aluminum frame.

I'm under $430 for the set of four which is LED chips, heat sinks, fans, drivers, and power supply. Each multi-channel LED is 48W so those 4 alone are netting the potential of 192 W. Compare to off the shelf this is a lower wattage (some double units are pushing 190W) but then again I have less LEDS (16 vs 46). Off the shelf units vary in price depending on how fancy but 400 to 800 dollars is a lot for a single unit. I'm not too keen on spending $2,000.00 on lighting so will see how the $430 I spent works out. Even if I have to double it then I'm still under $800 outside my time. Say I make a mistake or two, possible/likely, I'd still be under 1K.

Won't be has pretty but then again they will be stuffed in the canopy so no one will see. Not sure if this is for everyone but with the controller, ReefAngel today, Apex tomorrow, I can dial in lighting cycles, spectrum, and intensity. I want to continue to believe I'll be ok Ask me in a couple months


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