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Saf1, thatís pretty neat. Iíd definitely be more inclined to make my own if I needed more than one, maybe two, lights over the tank. Seems like a good setup. I enjoy the little electrical work, but some of the stuff makes zero sense. Haha

Flyen, it blows my mind that airplanes have barely changed over the past 60 years. The biggest change is now having glass cockpits, and that is fairly recent. The skyhawk looks the same as it did when they first came out with it. About a month ago I saw an article saying the last 747 would be flown into retirement that puzzled me. I looked it up and couldnít believe they have been around since the sixties! That was news to me. Lol Put a nice paint job on it and call it new for all I know. Haha

Nice looking wall! Whatís it made out of??

I actually bought some of those 10w chips for some sort of fish project. It obviously didnít work out. Haha Theyíre definite bright though.

Iím always open to hijacking, thread-wise. Lol I should start throwing 7500 into the thread when someone hijacks! (For those not pilots; itís aviation lingo - entering 7500 into the transponder if you are being hijacked. Itís a discrete way of declaring an emergency to ATC)

Thanks everyone for the engaging comments. It can derail all it wants as long as weíre all having fun. I enjoy others walls especially, so if you have made a wall, or making one, post up pics! Maybe thereís a concept or idea I can steal for my next build!

Back on track.. I just bought (sent PayPal payment) 2 reeflinks. Lol
Got a sweet deal - $130 shipped for both so Iíll keep one and try selling the other to a local friend for a little $$ to offset the cost of new lights. I tend to buy multiples of things at a lower price and resell the rest. Lol thatís how I buy coral in live sales online. Buy 10+ corals to sell 7 and make enough to pay for it all and get to keep 3 for free. You gotta shell out a little more money at once, but the return is better than only buying what you need/want.
Now I just need the lights! - which I will buy 4 if I can get a good deal on. Haha


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