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Just bought 2 Radion XR30w g2ís with the g3 pro upgrade and 2 RMS mounts shipped for $625! Not sure if Iím gonna keep one or sell them both. If I can find a really good deal on a newer g3 pro in the near future, Iíll sell them both.

The nice thing is the wife is super busy with her cop stuff and the police academy during the day while Iím getting paid to sleep in till noon and wander around in my underwear all day so I can intercept packages and avoid the lectures of fish paraphernalia. Haha
She asked me again today when Iím getting rid of the two tanks on the floor D:

The elegance and plate coral are looking good and inflating. I used some 2 part putty stuff and jammed the indo torch in place as well.

Here are some macro shots I took tonight messing around with a new camera app.

Stylo - gotta find the magic placement; this one is very picky! Itís more of a brownish now. Should turn purple and green again soon


Current Tank: 30 Cube build:
26g Foam Rockwall build:
Foam Wall
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