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30 Cube Foam Rockwall Reef Tank

Thanks, favia!

Mind you the pictures are being resized by tapatalk and it ends up with a max pixel resolution of 1500x1124 for each one where the clownfish pic was originally 4032x3024..

Any photo hosting suggestions that are easy and quick on a mobile device that donít reduce the image quality?? Or if Iím missing something from the sites below..

So far Iíve tried:
Google photos - can only post url link without image
Imgur - confusing and terrible mobile interface
Flickr - can only post url link without image, very difficult to copy image link on full site from mobile device
Photobucket - they can kiss my a**, and it was terribly slow

Iím running out of lazy options!

In a little bit Iíll repost that picture using tapatalk next to a full res from the laptop for comparison.


Current Tank: 30 Cube build:
26g Foam Rockwall build:
Foam Wall

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