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Muriatic Acid.... yea or nay?

I'm going to be setting up a dosing pump this weekend for 2 part. I've been manually dosing 2 part up until now.
I use IO Reef Crystals which mixes up to somewhere around 10 or 11 dkh for my weekly water changes. I try to keep my tank at 8.5dkh, and test every single morning. I've been compensating for the higher alk in my WC water by only dosing about half of my normal 2 part dose on water change days, and letting the higher alk of the new water balance the rest for that day.

Rather than try to replicate what I've been doing with the dosing pumps...... can I start using muriatic acid in my water change water to achieve 8.5dkh.... and thereby leave the dosing pumps running on the same schedule onWC day?

Has anyone used muriatic acid and can confirm for me this is safe for my tank as long as I'm careful in my measurements?

65 gallon mixed reef
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