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Originally posted by causeofhim
What would be the harm in using silicone if gives a person peace of mind?
Rendos shares an opinion that I have heard before. Many people do not use Silicone when installing BHs and they perform leak free. I, myself have always used Silicone with my BHs and have been leakfree so I will continue with what works for me.

Sched 40 BHs are weaker and can crack if overtightened. I think that people sometimes overtighten these lighter duty BHs when not using Silicone and this can lead to an immediate leak or possibly a leak somewhere down the road when the stress starts to split the threads. Not good. This is why I recommend Silicone and tighten "only" very tight. I am afraid that the average person may attempt to apply Super Gorilla strength if they are not using Silicone and possible crack their Sched 40 BH.
Sched 80 BHs are more "beefy" and come with a Great Gasket. I would have no problems not using silicone on these as long as I had good access to the unit when installing it and could tighten it down really well.
I have heard some claim that the Silicone can/may deteriorate the rubber gasket of the BH over time. I do not know if this is true or not. I have never found this to be true in any of my experiences but I dont know for sure.
So to finally get to your question causeofhim the silicone MAY not play nice with the BH's rubber gasket.
With that said... I have plenty peace of mind with all of my siliconed BHs in my young and old tanks.

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