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We agree on that dinos can be brought in by treatments, events and mistakes.
At first glance it seems like we are removing something that suppresses dinos, but what is it?

Microfauna, bacteria, plankton, chemical or nutrient balance or something else?
In a closed system like our tanks a decimated organism is simply gone for good while in the ocean the currents keep the organic soup mixed.

None of us has gone all the way in replacing the microfauna and small changes do only good temporarily.
Someone with a small tank is an excellent candidate for this. New live sand and live rock and water from the ocean is what I have in mind.


It is close to half a year since I added 80 pounds of live rock and now I'm seeing a decline in my SPS corals, just like I predicted.
I've seen it so many times it was simply inevitable. Only this time it took a bit longer than usual.
During this period I saw corals that were long dead come back to live and it only took a week for things to improve from when the rock was added.
About half of corals, this condition brings down, escape with a few polylps and a small hope for a recovery.


Since I restarted the tank around two years ago my SPS are dead or doing really poorly while a single head of hammer coral has grown to the size of a basketball.
Another strange thing is that Turbinaria and Acroporas take turn in growing well. While one grows the other declines.

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