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Originally Posted by acabgd View Post
I'm trying Cuprisorb as most other methods didn't work. Well, not most - all.

I've also read several threads about Cuprisorb and dinos. It's not directly connected to copper, but rather to iron, or some other unknown that Cuprisorb seems to absorb and get out of the tank.

I can't tell what that is in the pics. The colour sure looks like dinos or diatoms, but I've currently got a cyano vs dinos battle happening and the stupid things are exactly the same colour. (Checked with my microscope. Are the dinos eating cyano and picking up the colour? I think the cyano is actually winning)

Yea, I saw that thread on cuprisorb when researching around. I'm dubious. Plants love iron, sure. But I've had enormous clumps of actively growing chaeto during the worst of the dinos. I've also run a lot of Polyfilter (to take out dino toxins), and it should have depleted any heavy metals in my tank given no water changes.

@jason Well, I'd expect a bad attack of anything algae, dinos, cyano, to take everything below the detection limit.

@karimwassef I've tried dosing Stability and it removed the cyano very well, but only if I added enough to provoke a small bacterial bloom. I got nervous about the hazy water and stopped. I *think* it reduced the dinos as well but my pics from that time don't show much of a change. You couldn't pay me to deliberately nuke my tank's microbio, that's how people get unkillable dino infestations! You'll never hit all the cysts.


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