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Originally Posted by Jewilson83 View Post
I tried to do the glass test to determine if I have Dino. I can't find the link anywhere that I found. I remember it saying that if you put a napkin on the top of the glass and add your tank water through it. With ambient lighting in about an hour the Dino will connect to each other. I'm wondering if comparing to the glass test, is the Dino?
Doesn't look like dinos, but Sonnus' test has a few 'buts'. I know I have Ostreopsis, confirmed with a microscope, and the test doesn't work for me anymore because my dinos are in a thin film rather than big clumps. It used to be scary when I siphoned the tank. To get a really strong result you have to have about a tablespoon of suspect gunk, it has to be shaken until it's blended almost smooth, and it may take stronger light to see definite results.

Here's the link to his/her post:


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