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Originally Posted by cal_stir View Post
Things I did to beat Ostreopsis Ovata that worked or at least helped.
Somewhat in order.

-No water changes.
-Manual removal....blowing off rocks and corals and vacuuming.
-Got microscope to ID and verify progress.
-10uM filter socks.
-Removed sand bed.
-Dirtied up the water....raised po4 to .03ppm and no3 to 5ppm from 0.
-Allowed green algae and cyano to grow.
-Added many diverse forms of plankton and cleanup crew.... from 1/2 dozen different suppliers.
-Started culturing and dosing phytoplankton and copepods.
-After I couldn't find anymore dinos I used chemiclean to remove the cyano.
-Installed a new shallow sand bed....caribsea seaflor special.
-Began loving the hobby again.

NOTE1: early on I was dosing beneficial bacteria but stopped and haven't added any since.
NOTE2: I used algaex to try to rid bubble algae that decimated my ecosystem and brought on my dino bloom.
The 10um filter socks will capture the dinos we can't see in the water?

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