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Lots of high quality Zoanthids FS inexpensive next day shipping

Its getting to be that time again. I have lots of very nice zoanthids for sale cheap! NY in-state shipping is inexpensive and next day. Here is what I have available.

ATL Valentines Day Massacre - 8
Candy Apple Pinks -6
Purple Hearts - 8
Unique Corals Rose Nebulas - 7
Unique Corals Fire Crackers - 8
Unique Corals Chromis Palys - 8 (Nice Blue Paly)
Candy Apple Reds - 10
King Midas - 7 (nice yellow zoanthid)
Tubs Blue zoanthids - 4
Eagle eyes - 3
Pink with yellow center zoanthids- 6 (very nice)
Mary Janes - 7
Pepto bismol - 5 (Pink/green Paly)
Nuke Greens Palys - 5
Purple Death Palys - 6
Keds Reds -4

Price is per polyp. All frags will but cut and must heal for a week before shipping to minimize the chance of problems.

I will attach pictures shortly.


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