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Some wrasses but they didn't do anything to help. Most fish will end up eating them once they get used to seeing them fly off the acros. Even tangs. Nothing besides basting and a daily double dose of fws. Not many large colonies like jda's friend but enough to where wrasses and shrimp cant get into a lot of them. No dips were done ever. It wasn't a huge infestation because we cought it early and kept them in check with basting until the dosing started. The people who say its snake oil didn't try it long enough or didn't keep their tank stable or something.
I do believe daily basting will remove them from the tank at some point, but results we got with the fws was amazing. We could find a worm every now and then in the beginning and a month in the damage from the random worms was gone and not seen again, even if we saw a worm there, it was not eating much. So the acros would heal right away and the worms faded out. After a few months we stopped seeing worms. It's been about 6 months since he stopped basting and stopped the double dose of fws.
The trick with beating these worms, with whatever method your using, would be to get the population in check before you start trying to get rid of them for good. Jda used dips to knock back the numbers and get the colonies healthier. We used basting yo get the same results. I would not try to do this without basting, I am not sure fws alone will starve out a good worm population without blowing them off the corals and letting fish eat them. It could be possible but basting will knock months off your time you spend with an infected tank.
Aefw are not the worst pest anymore. If someone has or gets aefw there should be no panic or sudden decisions. I see most coral loss from people setting up quick qt tanks that are unstable and losses start when corals are added to it. Dipping from the display tank is still much easier imo and even with large colonies it can be done very effectivly.

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