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So i finally got back to working on the tanks, after having to take a break due to being slammed with work, and finding out that I'm going to be a daddy...I'm happy to see the progress. Everything is coming along very well, each tank and sump filled with about 120g of water. I started the tanks from scratch with dry rock and sand and will add about 10lbs of LR from my DT to seed the new systems.I originally was going to do the tanks bare bottom, but I decided to go with 1 inch of small gravel/pebbles(50 lbs/each) in the main tanks to see how I like it.If im not happy with this style ill toss the gravel. We built the sumps with chambers (filter socks-LR/skimmer/fuge/Return pump) each sump has about 75lbs of LR and about 100lbs of sand in the fuge (6in). I got a pretty good deal on some internal cap-5000 pumps(1200gph) so I am running 1 on each tank.I chose to run 1 tank on a single 120g system which will be strictly Sps and the other 2 in a joined system 240g system with 2 sumps connected to each other with a valve so I can split the system if I choose to.Marke gave me very good advice on how to setup a Auto water change system, So I went with it. so far I have the drains hooked up but I still have to setup my new mixing station to finish it up. (thanks buddy for the great ideas)Tanks are filled with salt water and starting the cycle as of yesterday. Plz leave feedback positive or negative. I would like to hear what y'all have to sayHere's some teaser pics... EnjoyPlz excuse the mess.

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