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Originally Posted by ChadTheSpike View Post
I have a couple things to add to the good advice here...

1) How old is your tank? I went through a couple of batches of it before it really started growing like crazy. It needs stable water quality to grow well. Also, I was never able to get 'finer' species to grow for me.

2) Like others said, tumbling may help, but a med-high flow will accomplish the same thing. Although it looks from your video that you probably have enough.

3) Its hard to tell from your video, but it looks like your ball might be tightly packed... I 'pull' mine apart a couple of times a week to keep it from getting too tightly packed, the stuff that doesnt get pulled apart tends to die from the inside out.

4) You are local, if you need more PM me.
1 tank is 6 months old. what do you mean by 'finer' strains? Literally you looked for thicker chaeto?
2 Tumbling would be a miracle for my setup. I'd settle for some flow, which i think i accomplished with the K3 in there.
3 it is slightly packed - i may try to pull it apart. But again, it is breaking apart in other areas, like little 3 inch segments pulling out, almost like it's weak and dying. sigh.
4 will do.


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