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Originally Posted by Anemone0524 View Post
1 tank is 6 months old. what do you mean by 'finer' strains? Literally you looked for thicker chaeto?
2 Tumbling would be a miracle for my setup. I'd settle for some flow, which i think i accomplished with the K3 in there.
3 it is slightly packed - i may try to pull it apart. But again, it is breaking apart in other areas, like little 3 inch segments pulling out, almost like it's weak and dying. sigh.
4 will do.
Chaetomorpha is a genus, there are several species, some with 'finer' and some with 'thicker' strands. I did not seek out the thicker varieties, but that is what I ended up with as growing in my fuge. That being said, I had some trouble getting it to take off when I first started my tank, it would not grow well for me right away and I was buying what I could find locally. Its probable that my tank wasnt stable enough for chaeto at all, and when it was good enough for it to grow, the thicker is just what I had when it started growing for me. In the end I prefer the thicker variety anyway because it is easier to pick up small pieces of it that have found their way to other portions of my system.


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