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Originally Posted by Subsea View Post
I am not operating an SPS tank. I do not consider de-nitrification relevant to my reefkeeping methods. It happens and that is fine, but I do not use it as a primary nutrient export method. I donít encourage nitrogen gas export because I can not sell nitrogen gas, but I can sell corals and frags as a nutrient export method.
I believe you completely misunderstood my post. It was not directed at your method, only correcting misinformation in the post I quoted.

If you would let be a bit argumentative here for a minute, and please read the following as if it was said in a respectful, constructive tone as that is how its meant... Regardless of whether you believe de-nitrification is relevant to your methods, it is present and effects your tank. You can't grow corals efficiently if you can't control nutrients, which I know you know and I am stating the obvious. It doesn't matter if your tank is sps or not, that comment was only to show there are lots of people using sintered glass media as primary de-nitrification in sps tanks, which are of course the most demanding on nutrient control. Again, this is to correct what I believe was misinformation in the post I originally quoted by a different poster. Please also note I'm saying control, not elimination, not reduction, only control. I'm sure you have a target range where your tank and corals grow best, whether you specify that target and test for it or not, your nutrient balance needs to remain within the range for optimum health, not too high and certainly not too low. Therefore all methods that are going on in your tank are "relevant", some more so then others. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you removed all your live rock/sand. I know for a fact your nutrient balance would change. Not saying I know how, or that you SHOULD try it, but it would change. Maybe your corals would suck up more and grow like crazy, maybe ammonia or nitrates would get out of control and crash your tank, maybe something entirely different would happen. Regardless, your balance would look differently then it does today.

You said you don't consider live rock a necessary component of reef tank filtration, and I agree. There are many ways to filter a reef tank. You need to successfully remove ammonia and ammonia byproducts. The fact that many people choose to use live rock or equivalent media (sintered glass/other high surface area media) and de-nitrifying bacteria only makes it one of the more popular, not essential.

By the way, sorry for the wordy post, I applaud your method and hope it continues to work. I find it really interesting. The intent of my previous and current post is not to argue against your method at all, only hoping to add to the conversation.

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