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Normal ratio of nitrate to phosphate ratio in biomass of macro is 30:1 with some fast growing macros at 60:1.

There are many more complex problems with different biological filters, when you start talking about DOC (dissolved organic carbon). Before we go further unto this discussion, there are probably more exceptions to the rule, but to keep conversation on track, I will generalize. Let us discuss macro and sponges.

Macro pros: absorbs inorganic nutrients from the water column, oxygenates the water during photosynthesis & absorbs carbon dioxide, feeds tanks inhabitants, macros are beautiful

Macro cons:when lights out macro absorbs oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Macros produce DOC

It takes a library to list all components of DOC. Sponges absorb DOC as food, but which component of DOC is absorbed by cryptic sponges. I don’t know. I do know that GAC is much more effective at removing a broad spectrum of DOC compounds then cryptic sponges.

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