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Originally Posted by pisanoal View Post
Bioballs and marine pure are very different media for one thing. Marine Pure IS capable of doing all three, much more efficiently then live rock. I'm confused why you say it can't when this type of sintered glass media was designed to do just that. Same with siporax.
Firstly pisanoal, your statement in another post refering to me as posting "misinformation" I find a bit rude among other things.
I didn't deliberately intend to decieve anyone intensionally or otherwise thanks. Perhaps you really meant to use a phrase more like "incorrect information, IMO" instead? I don't know.

Marine pure was not designed to do all three, certainly not equally. It was designed to quickly convert ammonia & nitrite to nitrate. It's ability to convert nitrate to nitrogen gas is limited, at best.

From Marine Pure -
"MarinePure is designed to be a substrate for bio-filtration, specifically to target ammonia and nitrite removal (nitrification) and to minimize nitrates (denitrification).

Minimize is not "targeting", and it's a pretty loose term being somewhat undefined.

I used an 8 inch Block on a 45 gallon tank and it had no effect on nitrate export. Infact, on another tank I ran a Block in, with an algae scrubber (only filtration) the nitrate level dropped from 8ppm to zero after I removed the Block.

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