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Originally Posted by Subsea View Post
A basketball size of macro in my refugium is not my most efficient inorganic nutrient removal. The large coral biomasses in my tank are my most efficient inorganic nutrients and organic nutrient removers.

Considering Ken Felderman research showing 75% removal of DOC generated by tank inhabitants is consumed by tank inhabitants, I would think that both organic and inorganic nutrients are required to produce DOC. What is consuming organic and inorganic nutrients to produce DOC?

I shall play Sherlock Holmes and say, “It’s elementary my dear Watson”.
The biological filter, including coral, will consume both organic and inorganic nutrients. If excess nutrients, biological filter responds with more algae growth with a corresponding growth in snails and herbivores. Everyone of these components have assimilated organic and inorganic nutrients into their biomass.
That sounds like natural filtration and multiple food webs.
Well your corals and other organisms can take up all the nutrients they like during the illumination period, just as mine do.
But I like the fact that my algae scrubber takes care of the excess nutrients at night, as well as the extra co2 expelled from all the other photosynthetic creatures in the tank during the lights out period.
At this time my algae scrubber will take up this extra co2 helping to maintain pH & reduce pH fluxuations. It's just Génial frérot

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