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Originally posted by FroMan
Very nice tank. The monti growth upfront is very impressive.

Hypothetical question..... (and I realize that it is vague)

If you had a blank slate to start over, how would you change your setup to improve an aspect or to correct an issue that you have??
Something I would like to change if I start over:

- I would build an enclosing room around the tank in the garage with a window unit if possible so that I can keep my tank temperature stable all year round. Or I can setup the tank like a friend (Invincible) did: install the main tank inside the house and keep most equipment (chiller, pumps...) and the sump in the garage. The tank would be a rimless with starfire glasses as Invincible's since these tanks are just awesome by themselves already!

- I may change my aquascape a little bit to create some low flow region so I can keep certain LPS like blasto, ricordia, etc.. that don't like high flow.

- I'd incorporate more T5 lighting and keep MH at the minimum (maybe just for shimmer effect only).

Otherr thhan those, I'm sastified w/ my current setup

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