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650-IS350, thank you *so* much for replying. I saw your responses in a lot of threads about zoa pox I was reading through tonight! I do plan to dip all my zoas. But no, I wouldn't do it in the main tank, and none of my polyps are far gone at all - each colony only has a few spots total, so I'm definitely catching the issue early. Can I please pester you a bit for a couple more questions?

1. Think 1 packet for 1 gallon and a 30-min dip would be okay then? Sorry, I think that's kind of what you're saying, but I'm still relatively new and want to do things carefully...

I had edited and added this question perhaps while you were replying - you replied so fast!
2. Should I use Vitamin C while I do the dip? I'm nervous about adding it to the tank and creating an algae bloom or other issues... Thoughts on doing either of those? Where can I find Sodium Ascorbate to use?

Thanks again!

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