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Stupid question... by suggesting to dose a "packet" do you mean the whole package or do you mean a single capsule (as you give the manufacturer's instructions which talk about capsules). I have not seen Furan 2's packaging, I have Furanase which is tablets.

Also a vet I talked to was very concerned about my use of Furanase, she says it is highly carcinogenic and to use gloves. She would prefer all "used" water dosed with furanase be boiled to break up the molecules as it will remain stable and dangerous through the sewage treatment process once dumped down the drain, eventually ending up in the ocean. Something to think about. I would not put that in my display tank.

I am going to start treating the zoa pox I got recently. Years of zoa growth gone in a day, sad. But the ugly ones, them I am not treating. (: Hope pox likes blue paly's.... probably not.

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