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I'd like to hear as well from those who have successfully treated their zoas. Bet they are done with the threads on it unfortunately. Some of us would like to know how long they think we ought to wait before assuming the disease is eradicated. Not that I will be buying new zoas, but I would like to sell some frags of my other corals when this is over. I now think I brought the disease in with liverock, so am assuming it's not safe to sell any coral from my systems.
Found a zoanthid eating starfish after one of the dips, wonder how many times that sucker has split... bet they spread the plague. I should have taken a photo before flushing it. It was a 1cm across asterina type blotched with lavender and baby blue. I have watched these engulf a polyp and after they leave it the polyp is much reduced, damaged and dies. They come out at night.
Something else to watch for while you have your zoas in the hospital tank.
Pulled 3 bright white nocturnal asterinas that ate Pocilloporidae types last week as well. I know that came in on liverock. Would not have thought it would survive cycling... It dropped to the bright white sand right away before I could grab it. Strips coral to the skeleton. Fun.
Always something new with this hobby, keeps it interesting (:

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