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Originally Posted by jarrod13 View Post
Sweet tanks! I like the bottle, I've been thinking about adding an old bottle I have to my tank as well. I also keep a 90g macro tank with condy and rock nems, sponges, and gorgonians, and I very much agree with you that a macro tank can be just as colorful and interesting as a coral reef tank. One suggestion I have for you to get more of a color pop is adding sponges like the orange, yellow, and red ones. Forgivive me if you already have them maybe I just didn't see them. I also noticed that you, like me, have some nuisance algae creeping around, how do you deal with it? Manual removal, fish, inverts?
I've drilled some holes in the side of the bottle and I think I will either have the feather dusters or some more tube anemones coming out of the side. The bottle is a blue wine bottle and makes a nice contrast with the green and red.

I'm going to a frag swap next week and hope the vendor who had a bunch of sponges last year will have them again this year. I haven't had the best of luck with them but want to try again. A bright yellow would really pop.

I don't let the micro algae bother me much. Any corals I want clear i dip in hydrogen peroxide. If it gets bad on my macros I will take them out of the tank and use a tooth brush and clean them. Most hold up well but you must be gentle. I keep nerite, cerith, and stometella snails. The main tank also has blue legged, white legged, and left handed hermits. I don't keep rare algae in that tank or halymenia as they will eat it. They also munched on my new lobophora so I had to move it already.


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