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Originally Posted by rick12 View Post
Impressive systems. What additives are needed, if any, to keep the micros healthy?
I don't dose anything specifically to the macros. I often overfeed my livestock. I don't use RO water I use well (shocking I know) and my water has a lot of iron and sulfur in it. I plan on switching to RO eventually and will see if the maco seem to need iron. I'm not good at chemistry so I don't know if the iron in my water is a useable form or not. Anyway the algae seems to do great, some corals do fine and others not so much. I think it is more likely the corals that don't like my tanks don't like the alkinity swings I can't seem to get under control. I know I know use RO.

If I don't prune often enough I see little growth on most except the grape calurpa which out competes everything but the micro nusience algae.


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