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Originally Posted by Louis Z View Post
Aeration helps , yes the halymenias did do poorly. I have more questions: do you notice the copepod population being more than usual also do you notice any mysid (oppossum shrimp) population. Thanks
I've not noticed an increase in my copepod population. I must admit though my interest in checking on them left me years ago. I occasionally add a bottle of pods to my systems but don't really notice them after.

Sadly I have never had any mysid shrimp in my tanks. I have found some dead one in a shipment though. If you have them I'm sure they will appreciate more macro. I would like to find someone local who has them though.

My amphipod population seems pretty good though.
Recently I've had the urge to buy one of the pod packs from reefs2go but I haven't tried them yet.


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