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Originally Posted by SoLiD View Post
So MED, are you using a Metal Halide \ T5 Fixture now?
Yes. I do miss a lot from the LEDs though. The tank ran cooler, I miss the natural cycle from the Radions. I miss the moon Cycle and the controller from the AI's. I miss the Royal Blue LED's for 7-10 pm viewing. I miss using 1 power strip with two cables instead of 3 power power strips with 3 hulking timers. I miss the light spread (Using 2 radions or sol blues allowed me to get light to all sides of my spires, the MH light doesn't really reach the far sides of my spires that well.)

I just couldn't live without my colors being the best they could be. A bonus is that all of my corals seem happier now. Zoas took off, Ricordeas have better color, SPS are growing quicker and have better color. I need to take a new picture, my colors are even better now.

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