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Originally Posted by reefsurfing View Post

I have owned Sol Blue and Ecotech radions; the above referenced link helps point out the downfall of AI's. You get 500-600 par in the middle but 100 par 12" away so in order to get the type of uniformity you see the radion producing it takes at least double the units. You run four Ai's sols on a 40 breeder and I run two radions that max at 20% power at midday. For my tank, I wanted SPS in every corner, No limitations on placement and no hot spots that can torch or shock SPS. The units that delivered the best look and value for my needs is the radion. Ai is learning from their past mistakes and creating wider spread optics, 80 degrees, the newest optic go into the vega.
Changing to all 70 degree optics gave me a really good spread on the AI's. The radions just allowed a less harsh mixing of the light which was especially noticeable considering the radions mount much closer to the surface than the Ai's

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