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Added the first fish last week and had my first casualty over the weekend.

I added the following:

* Citrinis Clown Goby
* Matted Filefish
* Hermit Crab (Named crabby by the daughter)
* 3 peppermint shrimp

The clown goby and the hermit crab were a bit of an impulse buy. I really wanted a yellow headed sleeper goby or bi-color blenny but the store didn't have any.

Over the weekend I found the matted filefish dead. I never really saw him eat, so I'm wondering if he starved.

The Citrinis has been eating both flake and frozen food. He's also taken a few pipe rides down to the sump. I finally got around to making a filter for the overflow to keep his happy arse in the display tank.

Citirins Clown Goby

Matted Filefish

Fixing the overflow

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