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Emergency Overflow... Too low?

So, I'm setting up my new 75 gallon display... This is my first tank with a overflow. I've decided to go with a herbie style overflow as there are two drilled holes in the tank. The comfort of having a emergency drain seems too beneficial to do otherwise. The inflow will go over the back.

So, I'm building all my own plumbing for this build. I measured everything, some parts being threaded and some parts using cement with smooth connections. Well, when I started to the final assembly I applied the teflon tape to the 3 threaded connections and across the three of them I was able to screw them in about a inch more than I had them without. Now the emergency drain is lower than planned and I'm pretty sure this will cause the sump to be lower or the emergency drain to be over used making the lower drain less functional.

So, the question is... will this extra inch of "waterfall" in the overflow result in a lot of noise and should I re-cut some parts or will this on the other hand be completely unnoticeable? Anyone have overflows with a similar height difference between their display and the overflow?

Take a look at what I'm seeing...

I'm really interested in some feedback from people who have done stuff like this before or have a similar overflow water height.

FYI, both drains, the main and the emergency, have those strainers on top. I have a lot of inverts and they're there just in case, for their protection.

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