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Originally Posted by laverda View Post
Teflon tape is not recommended for PVC pipe fittings. it lets you over tighten them causing them to possibly split.


In the case of your drain lines inside the overflow, there is no real reason to use either.
Yeah, I hear your concerns about the splitting and it is a real issue, but the fact is the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association recommends using PTFE thread tape. If you want more details on that check out this video on YouTube...

Yeah both drains go straight down into the sump and are only gravity fed so I'm thinking I really don't need to cement or tape at all as all I'm really looking at is a possible slow leak of my overflow down into my sump Which probably isn't a big deal, but I'm going to test that to find out. Maybe I will end up backing out those threads. Time and testing will tell.

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