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Originally Posted by mcgyvr View Post
Note the warning to always follow the manufacturers recommendations...
Lasco one of the largest suppliers recommends against teflon tape..The manufacturers recommendations trumps any outside bodies recommendation.
Check with the company that manufactured your fittings for the final word..

We have seen it time and time again here..The majority of threaded pvc failure issues involved teflon tape..

As this is inside the overflow box it really doesnt matter...Just passing along information in hopes the next person avoids tape
Thanks Mcgyvr!

So far I've tested out the pluming, sump, and refugium and everything is working great. I put the return line directly into overflow for testing. I got the main drain valve perfectly adjusted. It probably takes 5-7 minutes to fill the gap between the main drain and the emergency, so the emergency is taking ultra low flow, but some. Even with the strainer the main drain easily takes the whole flow of the return pump. I had to valve it down a good amount. I'm pretty sure the two drains, in concert, will be able to handle what the tank throws at them... and if the emergency takes partial flow the noise is like a alarm bell going off. ;-)

As I'm slowly making RODI water and adding it to the tank I can't wait to see if I'll need to make a longer pipe for the emergency drain. That's the last piece to test and the point of this post. ;-) Just interested to see if the waterfall into the overflow is going to generate noise. The waterfall from the refugium to the return chamber is silent. So, only time will tell. I run RODI as time is available.

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