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Originally posted by DaveG99
So a 24" T5 bulb will be weaker than a 48" T5 bulb. You would think as long as its directly under the bulb it would priduce the same PAR reading excet the longer bulb would have this readign over a longer area. Am I wrong to think that?
The par comparison between 4 ft and 3 ft ATI PM of my two tanks can not prove anything. Because they are not under the same control condition. One is 10 x 54w, the other is 8 x 39w. I also have par reading on my QT which is lighted by 4 x 24W T5. The reading are very low.
I would like to invite those "all T5 tank" owner to chime in if they have par meter at hand. Then we will be able to find out the secret of par production and the length of the lamp.

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