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Originally Posted by Diana A View Post
This site really needs a like button! Ron I always enjoy reading your posts...a big fan of yours
Thank you! I guess it's party due to my desire to keep learning and my enthusiasm for the hobby and for the marine environment. For me, I think snorkeling is as close as I'm ever going to get to being able to watch what looks like very alien type creatures up close and personal. And becoming a Bailey Mathews National Shell Museum volunteer Shell Ambassador has opened up a whole new venue for me.

Originally Posted by SaltySully View Post
Just looked at the pictures again, definitely not a sea apple

I believe (not 100% sure) sea apples are exclusive to the Pacific Ocean and wouldn't be in the Caribbean.

The two I have at home now are virtually invisible as they bury themselves in the sand and only leave the very small 'snout' above the surface. I'll see about finding one and getting more photos. I'll also ask the 3 marine biologists that work at the museum what they think.

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