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Originally Posted by Mstefa1 View Post
Honestly if you are using a reef controller to control your heater, it doesn't really matter as you are only using the built in thermostat as a fail safe in the even the outlet got stuck on.
Thanks. Yep I will be using it with the APEX. Trying to decide if I get 2 150w instead of 1 300w because I will only be using 1 outlet of the APEX (4 or 8).

125 Gal. Reef Tank, Skimmer SRO-1000SSS (Old), Aquamaxx EM-200, Chiller Artica 1/4, BRS GFO/Carbon Reactor, Sunpower 6x80 Watt., Actinic ReefBrites, 2 Jebao RW-15, 3/4 Sea Swirl, HY-5000 Return Pump,

Current Tank Info: 125 Gal. Reef, Chiller 1/4, Skimmer SRO SSS-1000 (Old), Aquamaxx EM-200, Aqua C UV, Actinic ReefBrites, Kore 5th. Doser, APEX Full
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