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so question. i t seems pretty simple but im still a bit unclear. my tank is been set up and cycling for 1 week. 20 lbs live sand and about 40 lbs of cured live rock...

i found a person that tore down their tank, no way to prove it to be true, anyway. his rock was live with corals 9 days ago from today, rock was placed in 5 gallon bucks of tank water for three days, and now have been out of the water for 5 days now. i contacted him and asked about the rock and he said it is now dry rock cause its been out of the tank. what should i do with this rock? he says since the time frame out of the tanks water i could just simply..get some soft brushes and clean the rock really well then add....

is there a rule of thumb for live rock that has been out for only a few days,

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