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Closed loop circulation

For the in-tank circulation I went with 4 outlets. The first 2 on one side of the tank facing to the overflow side. The third on the left side facing back to the right and the fourth straight down under the return pipe and behind the rocks. When I had this tank setup before, the left front became quite a deadspot – and with this new configuration I am hoping 3000 GPH will keep anywhere free from detritus. Just to let you know I will be utilizing a shallow sand bed. Say what you will – I like the look, and I love the diversity.

4 pipes - 2 on the right for the AM3000, 2 on the left are return and overflow.

Pile of pipes, ready to plumb:

In the tank plumbing.... Allright I got too lazy to fix the paint on the back.. It's gonna be behind the rocks anyway.

Right side:

Left side:

And the "behind the rocks" circulation (this is 3/4" - the rest is 1")

Yeah, yeah - it's dirty, I know...

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