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Originally Posted by rbnice1 View Post
Just a quick example.....

2 things to also keep in mind.

1. Make sure you have plenty of room for your skimmer. Keep enough room for any possible future upgrade.
Yes and no. You should buy a skimmer that is properly sized for the system, based on flow rate through the skimmer, the first time, and upgrades become necessary. For the most efficient use of space, the skimmer section only needs to be large enough to accommodate the properly sized skimmer. Even if you have to pay more initially for the skimmer, this saves money in the long run. Why buy twice, what you only need to buy once.

2. Water should drop no more then 1/4 inch into the return chamber or you will get micro bubbles.
This is a function of the width of the baffles. I flow roughly 2800 gph through sumps, with 1" drop from skimmer section, and often 4" drop from a "fuge" section (far less flow rate though), into the return section, without bubble problems, or appreciable noise. Again, size matters when it comes to flow rates.



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