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Originally Posted by uncleof6 View Post
This is a fairly large sump, so is illustrative, rather than specific to your system. It scales down, to a point, but you run out of room in small sumps rather quickly. Especially if using large skimmers, that are not always necessary.

I highl recommend this design as it allows for alot of flexibility. I have this same design with chaeto macroalgae in the "fuge" section...I also have "T's" on the split from the return so I could add reactors if needed in the future (phosban/carbon/etc)

In the end (and the begining) we're all just stardust anyway...

Current Tank Info: 75 gallon SPS reef/55 gallon sump/6x54W TEK T5HO/Reef Octopus 200 Extreme Skimmer/Reef Octopus Single Chamber Calcium Reactor/RKL
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