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Originally Posted by James404 View Post
I used 100% dry pukani rock and was ready for CUC within a week. It definitely worked for me, and I've cycled quite a few tanks the old fashioned way.
BRS dry Pukani by any chance and if so did you measure the phosphates? Everything I've read with regards to the Pukani rock is that it is really great stuff but has a noticeable phosphate issue. Dr. Tim's solution doesn't recommend running filters, media, or skimmers during the initial dose. So if the rock has a phosphate problem little you can do I would think until you can start media or water changes.

Then again I'm not too keen on water changes to reduce phosphates. To me it seems like a lot of work and money for little change. Figured I'd ask because I'm starting this process over the weekend. I have 150 pounds of it coming so just now setting up my game plan...


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