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Before starting adding supplements to an aquarium on should have some basic knowledge about how bacteria grow and what are the main differences between heterotrophs and autotrophs. A lot of commercial organic carbon additives claim to contain dried bacteria and building materials. Why dried bacteria?
Starters often use supplements of dried nitrifiers in the hope to speed up the nitrifying capacity to support the carrying capacity. Why the need to speed it up?
One must be aware that all these efforts may be for nothing when in a later phase organic carbon will be dosed to control nitrate.
Why not start up the system dosing organic carbon preparations containing bacteria, minerals and all building materials, ?
I found some interesting basic information on the internet which can be used to start the discussion.

Belgian Anthias

Current Tank Info: BBS: BADES Biofilm System. An aqua-system in wich the nitrogen cycle is closed by removing the daily nitrate production daily, every day, by incorporation of BADES (Biological Anaerobe Denitrification using Elemental Sulphur.)
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