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Originally Posted by ClownNut View Post
i know what flukes will look like on an angel it doesn't have fluke, it got a freshwater dip a couple days ago. no flukes.
It's in QT currently going through chloroquine phosphate treatment will follow by praziquantel tomorrow.
There are thousands of species of Monoganeans​ (flukes). They come from large (up to the size of a quarter) to microscopic small. Some live on the fish's skin while others exclusively feed on the fish's gills. So unless you have done a biopsy and microscopic inspection of the fish's gills you can't be completely sure that there is nothing, especially not if the fish isn't doing fine.
And freshwater dips are by no means a sure way to diagnose flukes. Depending on the fluke and fish species they may just seek shelter under the scales. I observed precisely that with my Ventralis Anthias.
Also, some flukes are just too small to be seen with the naked eye.
I'm not saying that fish has flukes, but I don't think that they can be totally excluded either.
A fish stopping to eat for several days is always reason to be​ concerned.

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