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Originally Posted by OrionN View Post
Opinion and advises requested regarding adding a third Regal angel to my tank.
My 320 Gal DT have fish list as per my Sig line. All the fish are doing great together. No problem what so ever. Fat healthy.
My Male Red Sea Regal is about 4 inches and my Female Philippine Regal is about 3.5. They are not each other best friend but the Male only very occasionally take a run at the female. Never actually bite her, she just dart our of the way. Never injury or torn fin.
In my QT system, I have a 1.75 inches juvenile Indian Ocean yellow chested that is as healthy as he can be. I don't have an option of remove either angel from my tank. Let just say that it is next to impossible. I like to et a tru pair in the future. Should I add the third Regal into this tank. How likely is this to upset the apple cart and disaster follow?

I only have two but I wouldn't call them a pair. The male is significantly larger than the other that was introduced later. He chased a little for a day but doesn't pay much attention to it anymore. Once in a while he'll chase for a second or two but that's it.

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