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Originally Posted by OrionN View Post
Prior to adding the last Regal, the Flame Angels and the Regal Angels ignore each other. When I added the first Regal, if I remember correctly, she was smaller than the male Flame Angel. Regal angels are not timid and can certainly hold their own against other fishes. Will see how this one do in a few months. He seem to be OK for now. I will just have to feed him in his corner. He is fast, just darts around the rock when the other fishes chase him.
Best of luck with your little guy. I have a similar situation in my tank. I have two large regals and a very tiny yellow belly that I've had for almost a year now. When I got him, it was the smallest regal I've ever seen. The two large ones definitely interact with each other but they completely ignore the little one.

Here's my two large ones. The baby is always in and out of the rocks and tough to get a pic of.

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