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I lost my hope after it eats live clam for 2 days then goes back to not eating. 2 more weeks went by, the magic moment finally happened it nips at the blood worm settled on the floor(of course, it's the same day i picked up another yellow-breasted regal perfect size, about 3") Only start with 2-5 worms per cube. And now it went crazy on bloodworm and pellets. Over all the food I can't believed it will eats the 2 things it never seen in its life.......not sure what to think about that.
Well, that bring me to my second issue. How do I change its mind about eating anything else? I do feed mix of a lot of cubes, but bloodworm is not on the list daily. I have 9 type of cube and I do 3 cubes plus small piece of rod or Larry or pe daily. When I mixed mysis and bloodworm togather, it will pick out all the bloodworm and left the mysis untouched...

Dont let me know where u lived if u have a nice pair of clownfish in ur tank!^_^
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