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If you have a need to send in water samples for testing send them here, about the same pice as AWT and they use " real" equipement. I have a couple of guys that are going to try them but have not heard from them yet.

I still do not trust AWT and they test Calcium with a ISE probe and then throw in a fudge factor to get their value. Their result always seen to suck. Last year a reef club sent in some split sample to ENC Labs, a real seawater testing lab and AWT and the results were not good. The issue with ENC is it is ~$40 / water parameter.

Silica (SiO2-3) ....................... High..................................0.7

They always seem to show high silica on all tests. First, this is not high. We like to see it 1 ppm or lower. NSW is around 2 ppm.

I also do not buy their PO4 either. They seem to always have big issues measuring PO4, Ca++ and Silica.

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