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Originally Posted by Rafty View Post
Yes so was I. Glad it has been of some assistance. I can add that the going off line issues continued needing a reboot with several OS corruptions occurring needing reset. This was a major concern to me. As per their usual customer service this was excellent. Turns out it is the instability of SD cards and so they shipped me a USB key to upgrade the system to run off USB instead and now it has been working perfectly for months.

Scheduling has also been sorted.

Very happy with this purchase especially now during COVID 19 as I am a healthcare worker and have very little free time at present but at least this side of things is working well without my input.

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I know its been only 2 months since your last post but has it still been working ok? I'm debating over trident and reefbot. Thinking the amount of money neptune regents costs reefbot would pay for itself in the long run?

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