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I will have to get some pic of the filter parts, but its a premade box that fits into the main chamber for a filter floss piece, and the main portion is open for my cheato, some ikea led lights on top.
Skimmer box is also something I bought. magnetic, good size, holds the sensor for my ato.
Light is an Ai prime HD, started with a premade schedule but modified it a ton.
Flow is the combo of the AC70, and an MP10 on Reef Crest mode, close to the lowest flow it gives though.
I do water changed with my local lfs Kent marine and RO water, they are great at the mix, its always spot on 1.025. My ato is a smart micro, awesome for a nano.

That's it for now, my 90 up in Toronto is similar, but she fills the ato with tap water, I guess it tests out well according to the company that does water changes.

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