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Originally Posted by pauloshannassy View Post
Looking great!
Thanks Paul. Not long now until there is water in the tank. Leak tested the overflow box (synergy ghost) and all the pipe work I have done so far over the weekend. Not a single leak from the bulkheads or any joins which is always a good start!

Hopefully collect the lighting brackets/arms at some stage this week from the powder coaters. Then I just need to drill a couple holes in them for the light hanging kits to feed through and they are done. Just finalizing a couple things with the supplier of the lights and then get them shipped over.

Will keep the thread updated with how I have suspended the lights when there is something to show for it!

There is also a shortage of Carib Sea 'life rock' in Australia at the minute. Have put my order in, and hopefully will land at my supplier on the 21st of this month. So if everything stays to schedule the tank should be up and running with water by early August.

It's been a long slog so far, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I started this process (moving on my FW stingrays) back in early feb. So 6/7 Months from day 1 to having water in the tank.

How's your tank tracking?



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