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Originally Posted by Runwithem513 View Post
yeah i may buy the reef keeper light plus mainly to watch water quality. a buddy of mine already mailed me his extra director for it so thats 100 dollars saved lol. im also going to do the BRS duel reactor for GFO and carbon. i emailed AI and they were saying that they use the 52 over a 60 cube for their displays and said that 24 in above the water still has plenty enough power to house clams and sps anywhere in the tank.

only problem with buying all my new toys while still on deployment is the fact that i know they are at my house and i cant play with them lol
Several different controllers on the market and not all are equal. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. Apex/Neptune is probably the best overall in quality, support, and software. I've owned a Neptune and can say it withstood my GSD using it for a chew toy. I consider these types of controllers - Reef Keeper and a couple others, off the shelf or shrink wrap.

DIY is another option alone with a pre-built aka Reef Angel. That is what I'm current running. These I consider open source. Coding or using others libraries.

Both work but just ask yourself how much time do you want to spend vs. what you have free. Then if you go on vacation can your care taker use it. Build a pro and con list and you will be good

Good luck.


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